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How to Connect DSLR Camera to TV?

When you think about taking pictures or shooting videos the first thing which comes to your mind is a DSLR camera. A DSLR camera can help you to shoot pro quality videos and take stunning pictures. But we all know that it is a smart world we live in and every other device is smart including your TV.

There are a number or devices which you can connect to your TV through the ports, which are available in your smart device. You can connect your gaming consoles, computers, even mobile devices too. But if you want to connect your camera to the TV then it is also possible. 

How to connect DSLR camera using HDMI?

HDMI or high definition multimedia interface is used to transfer audio or video from a source to the multimedia output. It is used to connect many devices to your computer monitor or TV screen to enjoy visuals in high definition quality. To connect your camera with a monitor or TV screen through HDMI you need to have a good quality HDMI cable and HDMI port in your TV.

Before you connect your camera take a look around the TV screen, to make sure it supports HDMI input and also check the functionality of your HDMI cable. You need HDMI cable with a standard pin on one end and HDMI mini pin on the other end. Connect the HDMI standard pin to your TV and other end to your camera. Select the input source from your TV settings and choose camera. Then you can display the camera screen on your monitor and use it for media playback. Some cameras will give you display even if you have connected them to TV while others will just show you black screen on the camera LCD. If your camera can support “control for HDMI” then you can easily control it through your TV’s remote. 

How to connect canon DSLR to TV using USB?

If you want to connect your camera with TV through a USB cable then it is also possible. All you need for that is a USB cable and a USB port in your TV. If you don’t have a USB port on your TV then you don’t need to worry because there is one more thing which you can do. You can get HDMI to USB adapter and then attach it in front of your HDMI cable, then plug it in your camera and the other side to your TV.

To connect your camera to TV with the help of USB you need to simply connect the USB cable with your camera and other side with your TV. Go to the TV settings and select input once you have connected the device. It will then show you display of the camera on your TV which you can use for multiple reasons.

Why Connect Your Camera to TV?

There are a number of reasons why you would need to connect your camera with TV and how it can benefit you. Below mentioned are some of the uses of connecting your camera with a TV whether through USB or HDMI.

For Media Playback

One of the major reasons you would want to connect your camera with TV, is that you can playback the videos which are present in your camera. You can preview the videos on big screen and see what you just shot. If you have any videos or movies present in the storage of camera, you can enjoy them on the big screen TV. This lets your camera act as a storage device as well. It is a great thing for content creators because you can catch minor details in the video, which you just shot so you can make it better or reshoot your video. These minor details can be missed if you are previewing it on the small lcd of camera.

Image Previewing

You might have seen it many times that professional photographers use a separate monitor or LCD screen, to preview the images which they have just taken. You can view the pictures on a big screen and even set it as a slide show if your TV and camera have that features. If you are someone who works with a professional photographer or if your work involves taking pictures of models, then connecting your camera to a TV is a good option for you.

Using Camera as a Webcam

If you don’t have a webcam then you don’t need to worry. You can connect the DSLR camera with your monitor. It is really easy to connect the DSLR with your monitor using USB so you can make video calls or stream yourself in high definition. With a DSLR webcam you can attend online meetings and online classes with ease while getting a great preview of yourself as well. If your camera has supported functions then you can keep on shooting, while getting viewfinder on TV which will make taking clear shots easier.

How do I connect my DSLR to my smart TV wirelessly?

It is possible to connect the camera with TV but there are certain things you need to check before you do that. Make sure your TV and camera both have Wi-Fi and wireless connectivity. Go to your camera settings and turn on the Wi-Fi. Go to Wi-Fi settings and select send image to DLNA. Once you have done this, you need to look for available devices on your TV and find your camera model then connect with it.

How do I use my TV as a camera monitor?

If you want to get the preview or display of your camera on TV to shoot videos with precision then you can do that very easily. You need to connect your camera with TV using HDMI cable. Once the camera is connected you need to turn TV or camera on.

Is it bad to connect your DSLR with TV?

Absolutely not, you can connect the DSLR camera with TV or any other big screen monitor in a carefree manner. You can do a number of things and boost your productivity as well. You can connect DSLR with TV through HDMI, USB, and even wirelessly.

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