Mirror Selfie

How to Take a Picture of a Mirror?

Mirror reflection photography or mirror selfie is a trendy thing these days and for all the right reasons too. It looks cool and gives you the freedom to play with your creativity and environment. But the question is how to take a picture of a mirror.

Standing in front of the mirror while holding the camera is simple. But it requires a certain skill and the right angle to take a quality picture. If you have not mastered this art or need to know some important tips, you don’t have to worry anymore.

This is exactly why we are here, to tell you how to take a picture of a mirror. So let’s not waste any more time and get right to it.

How to take mirror selfie? – Pro Tips

Below mentioned are some tips and ways in which you can get the perfect shot every time. 


Lighting matters the most when you are taking pictures, especially while you are taking pictures in front of the mirror. Make sure to take pictures where you get perfect lighting which can make you appear attractive and appealing.

Don’t stand right beneath the light as it can cause some unwanted shadows which will ruin your photo. Also, don’t use excessive lighting as it can make the picture overexposed and blasted. 

Lock Focus

Nothing is more frustrating for a person than to see their blurry pictures. You may have spent a few minutes or half an hour on the perfect pose and the result was an out-of-focus image.

The reason your pictures are blurry is that your focus was not locked or you didn’t set the focus to your face. Whenever you try to take pictures in a mirror, you should lock the focus before you click away. This will help you pose freely without having to experience any kind of blurriness or getting your face out of focus. 

Take a lot of Pictures

It is a well-known fact that the chances of taking just one perfect picture are very low. You cannot just take one picture and expect it to be the best. It is recommended that you take a lot of pictures and choose the best one from among them. Click many pictures with different poses at least one of them will turn out to be good.

Clean Up

No one likes something which is messy or untidy. You need to clean up the room before you take pictures. Or at least clean up the area which can be seen in your mirror. Keep the background clean and tidy.

You can also make things more fresh and exciting by using colors or a good curtain. The cleaner your background is the more appealing your pictures will look. 

Right Angle

Just like lighting, angle plays a major role in your pictures. When you are taking pictures in front of the camera make sure to hold the camera at the right angle which will make your pictures more attractive. Keep your camera at the right angle in front of the mirror as well as yourself too. This can also make you appear slimmer and even taller in some cases.

Find the Right Mirror

Not all mirrors are made for selfies or taking pictures because some might make you look good while others might not make you appear that great. You might have thought about it many times why does a gym mirror make you look better or the mirror in your washroom makes you look not that good?

This is because of the type of mirror you use or the angle at which your mirror is placed. Make sure to use the right mirror which will make your pictures appear the best.

Pose Correctly

After you have everything set and ready you need to work on your posing the style you will adapt in front of the mirror or camera. Below mentioned are some mirror selfie poses and some tips which you can use to pose the right way. 

  • Give your Best

We all know that there are some special angles or sides from which we look more appealing. You should always give the camera your best side or some might call it your best profile. This does not only mean your face profile but your body too.

  • Chin up

Whenever you are taking pictures, especially in front of the camera you should never tuck in your chin. It is advised that you always keep your chin up and your neck out. This will make your face appear slim and long so you can appear more photogenic.

  • Camera Placement

The angle or level where you keep the camera while taking pictures is really important. This can have major effects on your picture and appearance. Always keep the camera above your chest level. You can also keep the camera close to your face level for better results. Don’t keep the camera too low as it will not look good.

  • Be Natural

You should always be natural with your expressions while you are taking pictures whether mirror selfies or other. It is never good to be fake or forced with your facial expressions as it won’t look good. Keep things as natural and candid as possible.

You can also add your killer smile to light things up in your picture. Love yourself and love the camera so your pictures can look as natural as possible and not forced.

How do you take a picture of a mirror without reflection?

If you want to take pictures of a mirror and don’t want your reflection to be in it, then you can use a tripod and place it left or right side of the mirror. The main things to do are tilt and shift the lens so it stays out of the picture while you are capturing the mirror.

How do you hold your phone when taking a mirror selfie?

If you don’t want the phone to be in your picture, then you can hold the phone on the left or right side a bit towards the out so you can crop it out later. But if you don’t mind the camera being in your picture then the best way is to hold the phone at your head level or just above the chest.

How to take a mirror selfie as a guy?

Being a guy you need your selfies to look more masculine and still good-looking at the same time. The first thing to make sure of is that you are looking good. The hair, dressing, and overall style should be top-notch. The next thing to do is hold the camera above your chest so you can appear more muscular. Make sure the lighting is perfect and not too bright or dark. You can also edit your pictures to enhance their beauty of it afterwards.

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