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Indoor Photography Tips – A Complete Guide

Photography has come a long way and now days the dynamics of photography have been completely changed. Now the latest smartphones are equipped with the best cameras you can find on the face of this planet, and these cameras can even give a professional DSLR run for its money. But it does not matter on what camera you shoot the pictures, how you shoot them matters the most. 

There are different types of photography which is being done, but we will be specifically talking about the indoor photography and how you can get the best results. So, if you are looking for best settings for indoor photography or some useful tips then you have come to the right place. So let us not waste anymore time and get right to it. 

What is Indoor Photography?

As the name suggests, any pictures taken inside or in indoor settings is indoor photography. This includes taking self portraits, real estate photography, and product photography. But it is not always easy to get the best results while you are shooting indoors. Every space inside or all the different backgrounds can offer new possibilities. Now that we know what indoor photography actually is, let us get to the tips you need to shoot the best pictures while you are shooting indoors. 

Tips For the Indoor Photography

Camera Settings for Indoor Portraits

The first thing to keep in mind is that your camera has a lot of settings which you need to tweak to get different results. You cannot use the same camera settings which you use to take pictures at the beach while you are doing photography in your home. You should know your camera and look around for all the settings. 

There are many settings like ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and others which you need to keep in consideration while taking pictures indoor. Below mentioned are some of the settings you can change on your camera to get the best pictures indoor.

  • ISO: 

ISO should be 100 if you are using a tripod. On the other hand, if you are holding the camera in your hands then you can boost it up to 800 or 1000. Whenever you are shooting in low light settings you need to boost the ISO to get brighter pictures. When you boost the ISO, it increases the sensitivity of your lens to light, so images are much brighter even when there is not enough light around. But you need to also keep one thing in mind that whenever you boost the ISO, it can also cause graininess or noise in your pictures. If you are afraid to ruin the picture with some grain or noise and cannot decide where to set the ISO, then you can also use an automatic ISO feature, if your camera has one. 

  • Shutter speed: 

1/100th if you are holding the camera. If you are using a tripod, you can go much lower. We suggest you lower the speed of your shutter to make the exposure better in your picture. But for that you will need to use a tripod which can keep your camera steady. If your camera is not steady, then a slow shutter can cause your picture to be blurred. 

  • Aperture: 

Doing indoor real estate photography or interior design photography will require f/11, but if you are doing indoor portraiture then you can go for f/4 or less. 

  • WB: 

It is recommended that you go for Preset or Custom.

  • Photo Format:

Always keep the photo format RAW.

  • Shooting Mode: 

Aperture Priority

Use Natural Light

Whenever you are taking pictures indoor you will obviously be using a lighting equipment to brighten up your images. But the best thing to do is to use as much natural light as you can. Natural light gives your picture the feel which an artificial light cannot. You can use the natural in so many ways than one but all you need to do is just redirect it and use your creativity. The light at different point of time will also be different. If you want to get a smooth feel, then you can use morning light which is a bit blueish. If you want a warmer feeling in your portrait then you can use the light when Sun sets. If you are using broad day light, then you will get a much sharper look. A good technique to get the best results in a natural light can also be to turn of the artificial lights. Know where the light from window comes inside your home and where does it fall the best. 

Test Shots are Important

There are some factors which we completely ignore while taking pictures indoors, and this is definitely one of them. Taking some test shots is always good because then you will be able to set the frame according to that. Take several pictures around the different places and rooms in your house. Compare the pictures and see where you will be able to get the desired results. Some areas in your house can give perfect light on your object, which you want to take the picture of. Plus, you will also get used to the environment if you are new to the place where you are shooting. A good thing to do will be to turn off the automatic white balance of your camera and take control in your own hand, by setting the white balance manually. 

Use filters for Color or Gels

Even though now you can add the desired color filters on your picture in editing apps once you have taken pictures, but still the natural thing always stands out. You can get the different color feel or neon vibes in your pictures without any kind of expensive lighting equipment. All you need is different color filters or gels which you can attach to your lighting equipment. Even if you are using a table lamp you can change the whole feel of your picture by just adding any color filter to it. But this is not all, if you are using natural light then you can paste these gel or filter papers to your window and see the magic. This can give you professional level results while not being too heavy on your wallet as well. 

Use a Tripod

Whenever you are doing indoor photography, it is recommended that you use a tripod, especially when you are doing product photography. You can keep your hands at rest while taking pictures plus keep things as steady as possible. You can also set the perfect frame too without any kind of hiccup. It will remove shakiness from the equation completely which can ruin the image quality. There is one more thing to it. Whenever you are taking indoor pictures, the light will not be as good as it is outdoors. So, to compensate for that you will have the shutter speed set to as low as possible. It can brighten up the image but at the same time slow shutter means even slightest movement can cause blurriness in your picture. So, in that case using a tripod becomes pretty necessary if you don’t want your images to be blurred. 

Backgrounds Matter

While you are shooting indoors there is so much you can do with the backgrounds. Different rooms have different furniture and pieces of decorations as well. You can use them in many ways with your creativity skills. It all depends on your creativity and how well you can use the simple things. Even if you have a plain wall, you can use it and give an artistic touch to the picture. But having said that you cannot use any background. You need to keep in mind that too much messy background can never be good for your picture. Also never make the background filled with artifacts because it can take the attention away from your main subject. Keep things simple yet classy and stylish. 

Tidy Things Up

The most important thing to do is just tidy up the place. No one likes messy or dirty place especially while you are doing indoor photography. There is no need for expensive and fancy backdrops, you just need to keep things clean. It will also give you more space to roam around and experiment with the whole space. You can also make space in your room to place some props which might come in handy. When you don’t have any extra background clutter, you can focus on your subject only which will give you the best results.

Lighting Equipment is Important

When you are shooting indoors lighting has a major part to play in the whole scenario. Even though you should use as much natural day light as possible, but what if you run out of day light or the room in which you are shooting does not have a window? That is why it is always necessary to have an artificial lighting equipment with you all the time. You can buy a lighting equipment easily anywhere from the market. Even if you don’t want to spend some big bucks, you can also find cheap and handmade lighting equipment which can also provide decent results. A cool tip is to turn off the other lights while you are using a lighting apparatus to make your subject standout in the picture. You can also try to place a single light towards the subject while the whole room is dark.

Use Props

Props are the little things you use in your pictures or videos in addition to the background and surroundings. These can surely enhance the look of the picture and can tell a perfect story. There are many props lying around our homes which we don’t even realize most of the times. You can add small decoration pieces or books from the shelf in your picture to take it to another level. It works quite good especially if you are doing product photography. If your kids have some action figures lying around in the room, you can also use them creatively. 

Edit Your Photos

When everything is done and you have completed your photoshoot, it is always good to preview the pictures and think of ways in which you can enhance the beauty of it or make it more appealing. It is not necessary to always edit your photos, but yes it can sometimes improve your pictures in a major way. There are some really cool editing apps now days which are filled with a number of features and tools to take things up a notch. You can add filters and do color grading to make the colors more vibrant. This can also help you brighten the picture a bit and make it sharper. 

Bottom Line

Well, there you have it, this was the article, and we hope it covered everything you needed to know. These were some of the useful tips which you can use to get the best pictures indoor. Indoor photography is not a difficult thing to do because all you need is a basic knowledge and some creative skills. You can use your own home and furniture in more ways than you can even imagine. Just make sure you are using the right camera settings, and everything will be fine and dandy. 

What do I need for an indoor photoshoot?

You don’t need any type of special equipment to do indoor photography. All you need is a good quality camera, a lighting apparatus, and a backdrop. The backdrop can do a number of things including absorbing the light, covering up the clutter in background, and also providing simple yet classy look. 

How can I decorate my room for a photoshoot?

There are a number of things which you can do with your room and it all boils down to your creativity. You can add some props, tidy up the place, use attractive curtains, and make sure the lighting is good. 

How do you light a photoshoot?

Whenever you are doing indoor photoshoot the one thing to keep in mind is that you are using as much day light as possible. Keep the frame near window so the light can fall perfectly. You can also use an artificial lighting equipment too. 

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