how to take selfie on iphone

How to Take Selfie on iPhone?

So you want to know how to take selfie on iPhone?

If it’s your first iPhone, you might be curious. Surely you want to know whether it’s difficult and how you can improve the images. I thought the same when I switched from Android to iPhone. So if you are new to Apple’s iOS system, you are in for a treat.

Taking selfies on iPhone is more cool and fun than on Android smartphones.

There are some amazing ways to take selfies on your iPhone. But first, let’s talk about the basic way to use an iPhone camera for selfies in easy steps.

How to Take a selfie with iPhone Camera – Easy Steps

The process is quite similar to an Android phone. All you need to do is:

  1. Open your camera
  2. Switch to the front-facing camera
  3. Hold your iPhone and focus on your face
  4. Press the Shutter button (or a volume button) to take the selfie

How do I switch to front camera on iPhone?

Open the camera app on your iPhone and you will see an option which says “front-facing camera”. When you click on it, this will open your front camera so you can take selfies.

Where is the selfie button on iPhone?

Open your camera app on your iPhone and click on the portrait. Then click on the front-facing camera button and you will be able to take selfies. You can also go to the camera through the home screen or lock screen. Swipe up and when you see the camera icon hard press it so a new menu can open. Click on the take selfies button and take selfies.

How do you hold your iPhone when taking a selfie?

The way you hold your phone while taking selfie matters the most. This is something that can make or break your selfie experience. You also need to get your best face profile in the picture too. You can look slim and enhance the beauty of your picture too by following some pro tips.

  • Keep the phone above your face level and don’t tuck in your chin.
  • If you are taking mirror selfie then you can hold the phone just above your chest level.
  • Keep your hand a bit towards the outside so you can crop the phone afterwards.

If you think that’s all, you couldn’t be more wrong. There’s more to an iPhone than meets the eye.

Do you know you can take a selfie without touching an iPhone?

Yes, iPhone does allow you to capture selfies without touching the screen of your device. We have enlisted this and some other cool ways below so continue reading. But let’s talk about the mirror selfie first.

If you have an iPhone then you might know the great features it has to offer users. Since the release of iOS 14, users can now take mirror selfies. A mirror selfie means the selfies you take will appear like the image you see in the mirror, which means it is flipped horizontally.

The mirror front camera picture mode was first available in iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. Apple named the setting “Mirror Front Photos” from 6s to iPhone X but it only captures photos. However, all the iPhones that have iOS 14 or higher have this feature

Why do you want mirrored images?

The question which can be on people’s minds is why do you even want a mirrored selfie. This is because of the fact that you always look good in a mirror. Some people might say that they look good in the mirror and they look ugly in pictures. This is because we are used to seeing ourselves in mirrors. The image you see in the mirror is a flipped reflection of yourself and it is made from rays of light. 

Even though the reflection you see in mirror is flipped horizontally and we don’t look like that in real life. But the fact that we are used to seeing ourselves in mirror and we are familiar with that image, makes mirrored image more appealing to our eyes and mind. But the selfies we take are not always mirrored and that’s why it can look a bit different then in mirrors. This is the reason people want mirrored selfies in their phones.

Mirror front camera on iPhone

If you are using a latest version of iPhone then you can have built-in option to take mirrored selfies. All you have to do is go to the settings and find camera settings. Go to the “Composition” section there you will find slider, tap on it to enable mirror front camera selfie. Once you have changed these settings, then you can open the front camera and you will be able to take flipped or mirrored selfies.

How to flip a photo on iPhone?

If you are using an old version of iPhone which does not have a mirrored selfie option in the settings, then you can flip your selfies afterwards. It is a pretty simple thing to do.  You can take selfie first and when you are done, go to the photo gallery or app. Select the image you want to flip and click on the edit button. Once you are in the editor click on the cropping tool. You will find a triangle icon which is a flipping tool. Click on it and your image will be flipped. Click done and save the image you will be good to go.

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