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How Do Point and Shoot Cameras Differ from SLR Cameras

If you are a photography enthusiast, then you might know the difference between a point & shoot and a SLR camera. With the technology increasing day by day, the difference between a high end camera and an entry level camera is becoming less and less. But if you are willing to spend some bucks then you should be aware of how these cameras differ from each other. So let us not waste any more time and get right to it.


SLR camera is basically a single lens reflex camera, which uses a mirror or prism technology to produce images. It is pretty common with professionals due to the wide and versatile options. Let us see some of the strength and weaknesses of an SLR camera.


Following points defines the strengths of SLE:

Image Quality

It is no joke that the SLR cameras are able to provide much better picture quality with larger sensors. You can set the shutter speed aperture and tweak many other settings, to get the best result and picture quality every single time. That is why most of the professional photographers use SLR cameras.


You can customize you SLR camera in any way that you please. You get a number of customization options to suit your needs and requirements. 


Lenses are the one thing which affects your overall photography results and picture quality. The quality and look of image depends on the type lens you use. The good thing about SLR cameras is that the lenses are interchangeable. You can use any lens that you like and click away. There are a number of lenses to choose from which will give you the best picture quality.


Photography is a task of extreme patience and you never know the kind of conditions which await you, especially when you are shooting in outdoor settings. SLR cameras have good quality weather seals which can protect your cameras from extreme temperatures. Most of the SLR cameras are snow, rain, moisture, and dust proof so you can use them in a carefree manner.


Following points defines the weakness of SLE:


SLR cameras are a bit bulkier and heavier than the other cameras. This makes it difficult to carry these SLR cameras with you. These are not very portable and require a big bag to carry to outdoor settings. And in addition to that you also require someone to carry the equipment with you.

High Maintenance

Keeping SLR cameras is not always cheap. To keep its lenses clean and maintain it you need to spend some big bucks. The lenses require constant service so the dust particles never get collected inside. Plus, you also need some additional accessories with your SLR camera to keep up with your lifestyle. You will be needing lenses, external flashes, and many more accessories.

A bit Complex

AS SLR cameras are equipped with great features and functions, so that means there are some complex settings as well. You need to go through the settings once or twice to get accustomed to them. These can be a bit complex and confusing for some people. 

Point and Shoot Cameras

Now let us talk about the point and shoot cameras. As the name suggests, these cameras are easy and quick, while giving you ease of taking pictures with precision. These are much easier to use and budget friendly.


Following points defines the strengths of Shoot Camera:

Built-in Flash and Fixed Lens

Point and shoot cameras are equipped with a fixed lens and built-in flash. You won’t need to buy external flash or lenses. This proves to be a really good thing while you are on the go or at outdoor settings. Without the need of any extra flash or lenses, you can easily carry them around.

Budget Friendly

Point and Shoot cameras are really cheap and the best fit for you, if you are looking to buy camera on a budget. You can find a point and shoot camera in every price range. And they also don’t require any external accessories so these cameras are really easy on your wallet.


You also get LCD screen on your point and shoot camera, which gives you the freedom to see the frame before you take pictures. You can see the frame and place the objects in your picture in a better way. This makes taking pictures more fun and easy.

Auto Mode

The great thing about point and shoot cameras is auto modes. You can take pictures without wasting anytime and achieve more. You get auto focus and automatic viewfinder as well so the camera knows where to focus and where the object is. Even in auto mode, the point and shoot cameras give the best picture quality.


Following points defines the weakness of Shoot Camera:

Low Battery Life

Battery time is most important if you are on the go. Without a good battery life you cannot enjoy the portability factor of your camera.  The battery life of point and shoot camera is usually very low and does not stay with you for a longer period of time with a single charge. So if you want to take pictures in outdoor settings, then you might want to keep an extra battery with you.

Low Quality

Due to the compact and portable size, point and shoot cameras give low quality images and videos as compared to the other cameras. The sizes of lens and sensor are also small which provide lower picture quality than SLR cameras. Due to the low picture quality, the point and shoot cameras are not the preferred choice of professional photographers.

Limited Controls

As there are less options in a point and shoot camera so the options are limited. There are less features and options than other SLR cameras. You don’t have the freedom to tweak shutter speed and aperture. Plus, you cannot attach external flash or lenses to maximize the image quality.

Final Word

Well, there you have it this was the article and we hope it covered everything you needed to know. But it all boils down to the personal preference and the results you want out of your camera. Before buying a camera you need to consider the above mentioned things and factors so you can get the right one for your needs.

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