How to Start Vlogging with Your Phone?

It is a smart world we live in, and everyone is connected with each other through social media. The biggest benefit of social media is that it has created a great platform for the content creators and creative minded people. You all might be familiar with vlogging. There are a number of vloggers on YouTube which are creating content on different subjects and genres. If you also want to start your own channel or at least begin vlogging then you can also do that pretty easily, even if you don’t have any fancy cameras

Tips to Start Vlogging with Your Phone?

Vlogging is something which does not require you to buy expensive cameras or equipment. All you need is a phone with camera, and you are good to go. But it does not mean that you only need a phone. There are many more factors which you need to consider before you set out to make a vlog

Unique Selling Point

There are hundreds and thousands of vloggers who are making their content on daily or weekly basis. The real question is that why would someone watch your vlog? You need to find out what is your unique selling point and then try to sell it to the audience. You should never copy what the other person is doing or try to follow a certain trend. Find out what is unique about you or what is in your vlog which no one else is offering. Once you have found out your USP you can make a perfect plan and get things done. 

Choose a Format

Once you have found out your unique selling point, the next thing to do is to choose a format on which you are going to be making your vlogs. There are different types of formats for a vlog and if you are not aware of them then these are explained below. 


As the name suggests, this type of vlog is made for one sole purpose and that is to provide some useful information to the people. You can choose a certain niche for it or just make general informative vlogs for the audience. 


These types of vlogs are used to tell people how to get something done by demonstrating it yourself. Mostly workout videos are demonstrative because the person is doing exercises himself as he is explaining how to do that to you guys. 


Reality shows are pretty famous and for the right reasons. People are always excited to see what is going on in a real person’s life or how they are performing their day-by-day tasks. Reality vlogs are just like your very own reality show. In this type, the vlogger is shooting his daily life and letting the audience know what is going on and how he is doing. It can also be a travel vlog or food vlogs.

Pick the right Editing App

Editing is something which can make or break your overall final product. If your video is edited in a great way, then it will appear more appealing to the audience. Make sure to edit your videos after you are done shooting them and never throw a raw footage on social media. 

If you are shooting vlogs on a phone, then you will probably be editing it on your phone too. There are many great video editing tools in the market now days, which are equipped with great and powerful tools and can give you pro quality. So, choose the right video editing app which is filled with cool features, and which is easy to use as well. Use effects and music to enhance the beauty of your vlog. 

Some Useful Tips to Shoot Vlogs on Your Phone

If you are still thinking “can I do vlog with mobile?”, then you don’t have to think any more. You will be surprised to see the number of people who are making their vlogs from their phone and doing a great job too. Below mentioned are some useful tips which you can use to make your vlogs perfect every single time.

Use a Tripod

We cannot stress this enough that you need to use a stand whether you are standing still or moving around. A tripod stand can work really well while you are shooting yourself and when there is no one around to hold the camera. Placing your camera phone on a tripod can remove any kind of interruptions and lack of quality from the equation. It also provides steady videos without blurriness so your vlogs can look the best every time.

Be Presentable

While you are shooting yourself for vlogs it is very important to look presentable. Wear something which looks good on you so you can feel good too. Make sure to keep a big smile on your face because it will make you look more confident and appealing. Have a confident body language which will make everything you say more authentic and people will believe you as well.

Prepare a Script or Mind Map

It is never good to be in front of the camera and not knowing what to say or do. Nothing looks worse than having no idea what to do in front of the camera. You need to make a script or at least make a mind map before you make your vlog, so it does not look clumsy. You should always know exactly what you are doing and what message you want to convey to the audience.

Shoot Like a Pro

When you are shooting your vlog it does not matter on which phone you are shooting, but how you are shooting it. Always take unique and pro quality shots which can tell the whole story. Make sure to get the best angles and not zoom too often. Use the best lights possible whenever you are shooting indoor.

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