Can You Vlog with a GoPro?

If you don’t know what vlogging is by now, then you might be living under a rock all this time. Vlogging is something you see all over YouTube and other social media platforms. There are many types of vlogs which include informational, descriptive, educational, reality, and many more. But we are going to be talking about can you vlog with a GoPro or not?

What is a GoPro?

GoPro cameras are durable, handy, and portable action cameras which you can mount on your helmet, bike, or even a surfboard. It is majorly used by sky divers and athletes to record the fast-paced action without having to hold the camera in their hands all the time. These are really durable and tough to take on a good amount of beating. The quality of videos and pictures you take on a GoPro is always top notch, and they are also pretty cheap, so you never get too much stress on your wallet. 

Are GoPro good for vlogging?

To answer the question simply, yes, a GoPro camera is absolutely good to shoot your vlogs. Many famous vloggers use GoPro cameras to shoot their videos. These cameras are compact and portable so you can take them with you wherever you go whether in public, or at a beach. The video quality you get from these cameras is also pretty decent. This is the reason more and more vloggers prefer GoPro cameras over regular vlogging cameras to shoot their videos. 

Benefits of Using a GoPro for Vlogging

There are a number of advantages and benefits of using a GoPro which you cannot find in a regular or a standard camera. Some of these benefits are mentioned below. 


The first thing is that these cameras are very convenient to carry with you wherever you go. You don’t need to carry big and bulky cameras with an external flash or a bag. A GoPro camera is small and lightweight, so you never feel any hassle carrying it around unlike other vlogging cameras. This lightweight body makes it a perfect option for you if you are a travel vlogger, because you can travel with this small camera in a carefree manner. It is absolutely amazing how such a small camera can have so much to offer. 

Built-in Wi-Fi

The one thing which a vlogger needs the most is definitely Wi-Fi access. When you have a Wi-Fi access you can quickly share your videos on the social media as soon as you can shoot them. Having a Wi-Fi access with all the time to sync your devices like a laptop or smartphone is pretty handy and helps you in more ways than one. 

Video Quality

The video quality you get from a GoPro camera is absolutely stunning as compared to the cameras in this price range. There are many good quality GoPro cameras which are able to provide you 4K video quality without having to spend some big bucks, which you might need to spend if you want a 4K regular camera. 


Finding a standard vlogging camera with good video quality and which is also not expensive is not an easy task to do. If you research on some of the vlogging cameras then you can find out how expensive these standard cameras are. On the other hand, a good quality GoPro camera is much cheaper and affordable. These cameras are affordable and portable which makes them the number option for your vlogging needs. 

Water Resistant

One of many great things about a GoPro camera is its water-resistant properties. A GoPro is waterproof which gives you freedom to take it with you while you swim and surf. You can swim while shooting a vlog without the worry of having your camera damaged. You can also find water resistant regular cameras but those are much more expensive than a GoPro camera. 

Essential Equipment for Vlogging with a GoPro

When you are going to shoot your vlogs with a GoPro, you will need some assistant to take your shooting skills to the next level. You need some accessories and equipment to get the best video quality and desired results every single time. Below mentioned are some equipment you need in your accessories kit for GoPro.

External Microphone

Even though you can get audio from a GoPro mic too, but there will be less clarity. It is always good to get an external microphone for your vlogging needs, because you will be able to get crisp and clear audio which can boost the quality of your vlogs. If the audio is not good, then how can your audience know what is going on. 


You will not always be shooting in the perfect situations. There will be times when you are faced with a low light scenario or you will need to shoot in the dark. Any lighting equipment which can brighten up your video can always be a good addition in your arsenal. You can find a good quality lighting equipment from anywhere with ease. It is pretty easy to find handmade lighting equipment as well which are cheaper and provide good quality. 

Head Mount and Chest Strap

The beauty of GoPro camera is that you can mount it on your head or chest with absolute ease. It will let you shoot your videos while keeping your hands free. If you are performing something which requires the use of both hands, like doing makeup vlogs, then a head mount or chest strap is really important for you. 

Protective Case

In addition to shooting with ease, you need to keep your GoPro safe and sound too. Mostly you get a protective case with your camera, but some GoPro cameras don’t come with it and you will need to look for one. It is really important to have a case over your GoPro camera because it will protect your camera from sudden impact or water, which can damage your camera. 

What is a good accessories kit for GoPro?

A good GoPro accessories kit must include a number of mounts and straps to mount it on your helmet, chest, or your bike. It should also have a lighting kit, external battery, and tripod stand.

Can you vlog with a GoPro?

Yes of course you can shoot your vlogs with a GoPro camera easily and with precision. Not only these GoPro cameras are small, compact, and easy to carry but also provide great video quality. These are also cheaper than most regular standard cameras so this makes a GoPro best option if you want to shoot vlogs on a budget.

Are all GoPro cameras waterproof?

Not all GoPro cameras are waterproof but they come with a standard housing, which is waterproof and you can take it under water for up to 131 feet. These housings or cases come with your camera mostly and you can even leave them on your camera whenever you are shooting on dry surface as well. But when you are going under water you need to keep the case on, because the skeleton of GoPro camera itself is not waterproof.

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