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Point and Shoot Camera Buying Guide

Cameras have come a long way and now you can find a number of different cameras which you can buy as per your preferences and budget. Mostly cameras are now digital, and you can get all the required results with ease. Even though with the increase in technology you now get a good quality camera in your phone which you can carry around with you all the time. But still the professional quality and results a camera can give you can never be matched by any smartphone. 

One such camera type which is pretty popular now days is a point and shoot camera. We are going to be telling you guys about how you can choose the right point and shoot camera. But before we go to our buyer’s guide, let us see what a point and shoot camera actually is.

What is a point and shoot camera?

A point and shoot camera basically is equipped with all the automatic features, so you never get to adjust anything manually. As the name suggests, it gives you freedom to just point and shoot whatever you want to. It has auto focus and an automatic viewfinder which ensures you get the best results. You don’t need to have any technical expertise to take pictures or shoot videos. These are compact and much lightweight then your regular DSLR camera. You can carry these cameras around with you without any kind of hassle. These can fit in your bag, and you don’t need to take off the lens or anything else. These can also provide you better image quality and less grainy images even while you are zooming in. 

Features of Point and Shoot Cameras

In case you are wondering how to buy a good point and shoot camera, you don’t have to worry. Below mentioned are some features which you need to look for while you are buying a point and shoot camera. So let us not waste any more time and get right to it.

Mega Pixel Count

Mega pixel count of your camera should be up there and high if you want to get the best results while taking pictures. But only mega pixel count does not affect the quality of your pictures. There is one more thing which is quite important and that is the sensor size. If your point and shoot camera has a lens with big sensor size, then it means it can take in a good amount of light, so the pictures are clear and crisp. It plays a major role in your image quality especially when you are taking pictures in a low-light situation. Make sure to choose a point and shoot camera which has a large sensor along with a good mega pixel count, if you want your pictures to be the best every single time. 


It is not possible to always go near the object of which you want to take pictures. A zoom can help you to get pictures of objects which are pretty far away from you. But before you get into all this you need to know the difference between a digital zoom and optical zoom. Digital zoom is able to give you more zoom, but it can sometimes compromise on the quality. An optical zoom is more natural, but it cannot take you far. Luckily there are many cameras in the market which can give you a combination of both digital and optical zoom. It will be better to buy a point and shoot camera which is equipped with both digital and optical zoom functions. Just see to it that the zoom which your camera is offering does not give you grainy pictures.


A viewfinder means you can see what type of frame you are getting and arrange the objects accordingly. But most of the point and shoot cameras don’t offer optical viewfinders. These cameras feature LCD screen on which you can line up the shot and get the perfect frame. It is much easier to set your desired frame on an LCD screen. But this does not always help. An LCD screen cannot always show you clear visuals while you are shooting under the Sun and there are glares on your LCD screen. You can find some high-end compact point and shoot cameras with both LCD and optical viewfinder. 

LCD Screen

As we just discussed above that an LCD screen is able to show you pretty accurate viewfinder, so you can set the frame. But this is not all, an LCD can also be used to preview the images which you just took. Your LCD screen should be big enough so you can see the preview clearly and without any kind of distraction. Your LCD should also have high brightness level which will let you see the preview clearly even while you are standing under the Sun or in a well-lit rom.

Image Stabilization

Image stabilization is a feature which you find in camera that never lets shakiness destroy your image. When you are moving or while your hands are shaky this can cause blurriness in your images, and you never want that. Image stabilization feature lets you take clear pictures and shoot steady videos even while you are moving or standing on a shaky surface. This is a really good feature to have in your camera if you are a vlogger or if you shoot your videos while moving. It is also good to have if you are shooting in a low light situation. In a low light condition your shutter speed will be really slow to get better exposure, so keeping your hands steady in that duration will be a difficult task.

There are two types of image stabilization, one of which is optical image stabilization and other is sensor movement. Optical image stabilization compensates for the movements by adjusting the lens whereas the sensor movement adjusts the position of sensor to compensate for it. There is another method which is digital image stabilization which takes the picture and after that it removes any blurriness from your image.  

Wireless Connectivity

It is a smart world we live in, and everyone needs to stay one step ahead of the other person. When you take pictures on your camera you need to transfer it to your computer or any other hard drive, so you can share it with your loved ones. There are many point and shoot cameras now days which are equipped with wireless connectivity like Wi-Fi and NFC. These features let you share your pictures online with ease and without wasting any time. 


Battery is the one thing which affects the overall experience of your device or camera. Without a good battery life, you cannot take pictures for a longer period of time and enjoy the proper feel of portability. There are times when you will be outdoor shooting videos or taking pictures and there will be no plugs around to plug in the charger. You cannot always have the freedom to take out the batteries and charge them. Look for a point and shoot camera which is equipped with a powerful battery which can last you for a long time with a single charge. It is always good to keep an extra battery with you as well whenever you are out for shooting. 

Memory Card

You always want a good amount of storage in your camera so you can store the pictures and videos which you shot. Make sure that your camera supports external memory so you can never run out of storage when you need it. Even though cameras also offer internal memory, but it is not always enough for you. So go for a camera which is able to give you external storage support as well. 


Now let us talk a little about the design of the camera and its body. If you are going to be shooting your videos or pictures while being on the go, then you will be needing a camera which you can carry around with you pretty easily. Go for a camera which is lightweight and compact, so you never face any kinds of trouble while you are on outdoor shoot. In addition to design and body your laptop should also be ergonomic. It means it should be easy to hold so you never get any sore hands or wrist after all day of shooting. 

Built-in Flash

You will not always have the sun light or lighting equipment with you when you need to take pictures. If you are stuck in a low light environment, then getting clear pictures can be a really difficult task. Pick a camera which has a built-in flash so you can shoot pictures in the dark as well. There are many cameras in the market with great pop-up built-in flash so you can never miss a moment. 

Weather Seal

When you are shooting outdoor, the situations are not always welcoming. You need a camera which can take on a good amount of beating and can withstand the pressure of weather. A good quality weather seal camera is water resistant, freeze proof, and dust proof as well. This gives you the freedom to take pictures in a carefree manner and without worrying about the weather or anything else damaging your camera. You can also take these cameras under water while you are surfing or taking scuba diving lessons.

Some Useful Tips

If you are new to photography, then you might need some useful tips to get the perfect clicks every single time. Below mentioned are some of the useful things you need to keep in mind before you go to take your pictures. 

Mind the Light

Lighting plays a major role while you are taking pictures or shooting videos. It is recommended that you use as much day light as possible because it gives much better results and sharp images. The colors will be sharper when you utilize proper sun light. When you are shooting indoor or at night-time then you should use some proper lighting equipment. It is very easy to find good quality lighting equipment which is not that heavy on your wallet too. You can even get homemade lighting apparatus which is much cheaper. 

Don’t Zoom Too Much

Zoom feature is there in a camera which is used to get images of objects which are far away from you. But it is never good to zoom too much because zooming can often cause lack in the image quality. Zooming too much can sometimes cause graininess and noise in your image. So, if you want to get pictures or shoot video of something which is far away, you should prefer going near that rather than just zooming in. Get as close to the object as you can to get the perfect and detailed pictures.

Use a Tripod

It is always good to use a stand or tripod whenever you want to take shoot something especially yourself. It provides the steadiness which you cannot find if you are shooting with your hands. Mounting your camera on a tripod will keep it safe as well as give you good results. Even if you are on the go, it is advised that you take a tripod with you. It is also pretty safe way to place your camera because you cannot place your camera wherever you feel because it can fall and get damaged. 

Make the Perfect Frame

Frame is the major thing which helps you tell the story with your photographs. You must make your frame unique and as creative as you can so the pictures can be more appealing. A good frame can make or break the complete impact of your picture. If your frame is set properly then it can also make your subject stand out in the picture. 

Bottom Line

Well, there you have it, this was the article, and we hope it covered everything you needed to know. This was our complete guide on how you can get the best point and shoot camera which is worth your money and as per your needs. Keep the above-mentioned things in mind and you will easily get the point and shoot cameras of your dreams.

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