Aura Photography

How Does Aura Photography Work?

Before knowing how aura photography works, it is necessary to have an understanding of what an aura is. The word ‘aura’ in its true sense is a spiritual term. On can explain it in numerous ways but in gnereal, an aura is the natural energy field that surrounds a living being. And yes, every natural being whether humans, animals, or trees, all have their auras.

Technically speaking, it is the electromagnetic energy field surrounding every living subject. It is represented by different colors which reflect the overall emotional and spiritual personality of a subject to a good extent.

Origin of the Aura/Kirlian Photography

Aura photography is originally known as Kirlian Photography because it was invented by a Soviet couple Semyon Kirlian and his wife Valentina. They observed a neon glow near the body of a patient while he was under treatment with an electrical generator.

The Kirlians started experiments to regenerate that glow again. They used a high-voltage source, an electric field, and a discharge or electrified plate. Also, Semyon photographed his hands during the experiments and found stunning auras around them. It is since then that the aura images became known as Kirlian or aura photography.

Development of the Aura Photography Equipment

In 1970, a scientist Guy Coggins enhanced the Kirlians’ technology of aura photography. He developed an AuraCam 3000. Based on a special algorithm, the aura cam 3000 transformed electrical input into colorful aura photos. A few years later, Coggins further advanced the existing aura cam into the AuraCam6000 which is used in aura photography today.

How Aura Photos are Captured?

How does aura photography work? That’s the obvious question I had myself when I came to know about aura images. It is mainly based on biofeedback technology i.e., the information received directly from your body is used to produce your aura.

A traditional aura image covers a person’s upper body such as the head, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, and torso. You need to sit in front of the aura camera and place your hands on the electrified two-hand plates known as biofeedback sensors which are connected to the aura cam. As the shutter button is pressed, the electric field plate corresponds to the camera about the energy which in turn prints polaroid colorful photos.

However, the equipment for aura photography is quite expensive. To start as an aura photographer, you would have to spend as much as $16000 to buy an aura cam and other related items and studio preparations.

However, you can be a traveling aura photographer as there are some aura photographers with mobile studios attending different events and make aura photos of people anywhere and anytime.

The Aura Photography Equipment

Aura photography requires different equipment than general photography. The main requirements are the following:

1. An Aura Cam

First of all, you need an aura cam that comes in a box-shaped form with a traditional polaroid camera fitted inside of it. It immediately prints out the aura shot.

2. Two Hand Electrified Plates

Another basic requirement for aura photography is two hand-electrified plates also called plasma, discharge plates, and biofeedback sensors. They should be sufficient enough to capture the aura of the subject. The ideal suggested the shape of these plates is a shallow dish.

3. Completely Dark Studio/Dark Background

To best capture the electromagnetic fields of a subject, the darkest environment is considered perfect. It ensures that the aura of a subject would be fully captured. It also helps with the colorful explanation of the auras.

4. The willingness of the Person

Although it is not a technical requirement yet is necessary as the non-willingness of the subject especially humans, can falsify the color representation. Therefore, the person must be completely free to take an aura photo or not.

Purpose of the Colorful Aura Photography

It is universally accepted that colors represent moods and the well-being of your personality. The following chart presents aura colors along with their meaning:

ColorMeaning in Aura Photography
RedPassion, Willpower, Strength, Activity
GreenCompassionate, Nature-loving
BlueTrustworthy, Supportive, Expressive
OrangeAdventurous, Creative, Cooperative
MagnetaInspired, heart-centered
WhiteWise, Inspiring, Protective
PurpleNon-judgmental, visionary
PinkLoving, Cheerful, Self-aware, Caring
YellowOptimistic, Playful
VioletCharming, Spiritual
GoldRarely seen, spiritual connection
BrownLower state of physical or mental health

What do Aura Colors Reveal About You?

Besides colors, the form and location of the aura also contain meaning. What distinguishes aura photography from others is its personalization. It is subject-specific. It reveals some hidden aspects of the related person and objects only which cant be compared with others.

Your Present Mood

Similarly, you would be excited to know that the aura color does not last forever. It may change the very next moment after your aura photo was taken. And, amazingly, your new aura photo may have new colors altogether. That’s how aura photography works.

It reveals some invisible aspects of your personality. It represents you as you are now and here. Your present state of life.

Technical Reading of the Aura Photos

Let us look at the technical side of how aura photography works. The aura image represents your recent past and near-future possibilities. The top part of an aura image represents your consciousness. The right side of the aura photo color gives a glimpse of your recent past events whereas the left side of it shows your possible color variation coming in soon.

If you have an arch in your aura, it means that you have some high aspirations and goals in your life.

How Can You Take Your Aura Photo?

An authentic aura photo is what is captured by the prescribed equipment. These days, aura photographers also participate in energy healing or mystic events and provide aura shot services. You may attend these and have your aura images.

Besides that, some online apps also claim to give you an accurate aura image. They may have some utility but it is better to visit a professional aura photographer if you take it seriously. If you want to have fun and don’t believe in then you may go for online or mobile app options.

Takeaway Words

Aura photography reveals information on the active parts of your life. Either you have experienced sadness or happiness in recent days and what is expected to be there in the coming days. The bright side of aura photography is that you can create positive energy based on the current energy trends.

Another positive aspect of aura photography is that it can be of great value to make you realize that you need to see life positively and leave unpleasant events behind. In a way, aura photography makes you move on in life optimistically. Well, I just can’t wait to have my aura photos and I’m sure you too.

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