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Best YouTube Vlog Ideas – Complete Guide

Technology has changed the dynamics of everything including the way we used to keep ourselves entertained. Now people are mostly on YouTube or other social media platforms, and they see videos at their convenience. YouTube has become the biggest platform for streaming videos and sharing videos as well. The most watched videos these days are definitely vlogs. 

If you are a content creator and want to run a YouTube channel, then you have come to the right place. We are going to be sharing with you guys the best YouTube vlog ideas so you can get started. So, take out your notepads and pens because we are going to just dive right in. 

What is a Vlog?

For those of you who don’t know what a vlog is, it is basically a video log or video blog which you make. These are videos which are usually supported by text, images, or other metadata. There are many different types and categories of vlogs which you can make as per your liking and interest. 

Below mentioned are different vlog ideas which can help you to get started and start your very own YouTube channel. 

Common YouTube Vlog Ideas that Work

Make an Introduction Video

The first video or vlog you make on your YouTube channel should be the introduction. In this vlog, you should tell your potential customers your introduction and what the viewers can expect to see in your future vlogs.

You should tell a little about yourself and let people know the real you. If you can make a personal connection with the audience by telling them about yourself, there is nothing better than it. 

You can also tell the people why you are making vlogs and what is your end goal. Whatever the reason may be for you to start vlogging that does not matter. What matters is why should people be interested in watching your vlogs.

You can also tell the audience about your future plans. Some people also add their own personal struggles which they had to do to get where they are right now. 

Personal Vlogs

Personal vlogs are something you can see all over YouTube these days. You’ll find people telling you about their daily and personal lives. This includes many sub-categories which fall under a personal vlog.

Making vlogs about your personal daily life and sharing your bucket list with people is always fun because people can relate to it.

You can share your goals with people and hook them with you as you try to make them a reality. If you don’t want to do anything like that, you can just share your morning and evening routine. Share it with the audience for a few days and see what response you get.

You can also give your room or house tour to the audience. Show them where you live and how you spend your whole day. Show them how you have decorated the house or your room and give them ideas for how they can decorate their own rooms as well.

Another way is to share your video setup and tell people how you shoot or edit your videos. If you are a gaming enthusiast, then you can show people your gaming setup and tell them about the gaming computer you have with you. 

Sharing your stories with people can also be really good to engage your audience. Any funny stories you have about your friends or memories can make a good vlog.

If not stories, then you can rant in front of the camera about something you feel strongly about. You might have seen it many times people sit in front of the camera and give opinions on the things they like or hate. A rant can be anything from your workplace, school, politics, or even a movie. This is all up to your personal interests. 

Best or Favorite

If you are a fan of “What Culture” or “Watch Mojo” then you already know what we are talking about. These are the videos which list their top 5 or top 10 favorite movies, TV shows, games, characters, and everything in between.

You can make a list of the things which you can add to your countdowns and get started with the vlogs. Such videos are pretty popular among the people and have a fan following of their own.

These vlogs are really interesting for everyday users of YouTube who don’t watch too much of vlogs but can still enjoy your list. At the end of these videos, you can ask them for their opinion and about what list should you make next, which will build interest among people and engage them even more in your vlogs.

Share a Talent

If you are skilled in a particular area or have some special talent, you can build an audience around it on YouTube. Simply make videos to show your skillset and post them on YouTube.

For example, you might have seen a number of vloggers who are really good at card tricks. These vloggers just get in front of the camera and show their talent. Similarly, if you are good at playing any musical instrument then it is just perfect. Play those instruments for the people and also try to do covers of popular and trending songs.

With time, your YouTube channel will start to grow and you’ll have your own fan following. Your audience will then also request you to make videos of their favorite songs. Just think of a talent or skill which you think is unique and get started. 

Behind the Scenes

You can take your audience behind the scenes of how you make your videos and the complete journey from start to end. If you have made a single video, then make a behind the scenes of that video in which you can show how you got the idea and how you started working on it. 

If there is a concert or any other major event happening in your city, take your camera there.

For example, whenever there is a bodybuilding or Mr. Olympia Expo in town, every vlogger goes there and shoots videos. YouTubers shoot videos to show people how the event is going. You can do the same thing when there is a concert or a premiere of the latest movie. 

Funny Vlogs

Without a doubt, the most entertaining vlogs are the funny ones. PewDiePie is the best example of it. You can make funny videos and post them on YouTube to see where it goes.

Funny vlogs can include you making prank videos, roasting, or challenges. To make the prank video all you have to do is set up a camera somewhere it is safe and hidden from other people. Then just go in front of it and started shooting your pranks.

However, you need to be really careful while making these videos because you never know who would get offended.

You need to always apologize or at least tell the person that it was just a joke. It is better to tell people involved beforehand if you are shooting a serious prank. 

If you don’t want to do pranks, then you can also go for funny challenges with your friends or family. Dig out some challenges which might be funny for the people to see and do those challenges. You can also challenge the audience to take part in it as well. 

Another idea for a funny vlog is to make roast videos if you have a good sense of humor.

You can make roast videos on different topics to rapidly increase your fan following among people. Take out a topic or a person and start roasting them. But you need to make sure that you are doing this just for fun and not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

If you are roasting a celebrity, it’s better to ask for their permission before you start making your vlog. You can also react to the videos or pictures you find funny and also include your friends in them as well.

If you and your friends think that you have what it takes to entertain people, then you can make a parody of the latest movies or songs you see on the internet.

Information Vlogs

Giving out information to the audience is always good, as long as it is not confidential. You can make videos to inform people about a certain topic or industry. Before starting, ensure you have a wide range of different topics in your arsenal to give out information about.

The best example of these information vlogs is the reviews. You might have seen it a million times that a random guy sits in front of the camera and gives his or her two cents to the audience. You can do the same to start vlogging on YouTube.

If you are a tech person, you can talk about gadgets, smartphones, laptops, or cars. But it is not limited to that only, you can also give your reviews to the audience about a new movie or a TV show. It all depends on the area of your expertise and interest. 

The next type of information vlogs are the “How-to video.” We all watch such videos when we are confused about something or don’t know how to carry out a particular task. People go online and look for tutorial videos on a daily basis. You can make “how to” videos on the topics of your choice from making videos on how to tie a knot to how to repair a mechanical engine. 

Making videos on a certain topic or concept is always good and if you are a teacher of some sort then it can do wonders for you. All you have to do is give a proper lecture on the topic and you will see your audience increasing day by day. You can give lectures on mathematics, linguistics, or any other area of your choice. 

Travelling Vlogs

Do you like to travel? Then just take a camera with you and record your experience to share with your audience. For this, you don’t need to travel to foreign countries just to shoot a vlog. You can even show the people your own city and travel around the area.

While recording travel vlogs, you can show what you are eating on your way or when you have reached your destination. You can also tell people how to manage a budget or make your trips worthwhile by giving some important tips. And when you are done with the travelling you can have a lot of travel stories to tell the audience. 

Fitness Vlogs

This is something which can never get old. People are always looking for new motivational stories of people getting in shape to boost their own minds. If you are a fitness freak, then you can start making vlogs of your day-to-day transformation.

Explain your workouts to the people so they can also learn something through your videos. You should also tell people your diet plan and let them know what they should eat to get the best results.

Pick a certain body part and make videos on it and tell people how to work that muscle the best way. Make a proper video for the people so they can know the mistakes they are doing in the gym and correct them. You can also make how-to videos related to working out, like how to do a chest workout or how to do a bicep workout. 

3 Couple Vlog Ideas

If you are a single person then it is different but if you are making vlogs as a couple, then it is a whole other story. Below mentioned are some ideas for YouTube vlogs which you can make as a couple.

  • Do YouTube Challenge

As we mentioned earlier that doing challenges is always fun for both you and the audience who are watching it. Couples can look for an interesting YouTube challenge which is already trending and try to do it themselves.

It is pretty fun to see couples doing such things.

If you don’t like the current YouTube trending challenges, then you can always create your own innovative challenges and challenge other couples to do them. 

  • Relationship Advice

If you are an old couple who have been with each other for quite some time, then you can make your very own advice videos. There are many troubled couples in the world who are always looking for the right advice from the right people. Give these couples some advice and make their lives a bit easier.

You can ask people to post their questions and problems in the comment section. This will provide you with ideas for your next videos and you can make a vlog series around them. You’ll have plenty of good vlog ideas and your videos can prove beneficial for the other couples as well who are watching your videos. 

  • A Couple Makeup Session

There is nothing cuter and more interesting than seeing a boyfriend or husband doing the makeup of his better half. You can ask your significant other to do your makeup and make it a hilarious video for people to see. 

Friends and Family

You can always add your friends and family to your vlogs and make things fresh. Spend a day with your friends and shoot the shenanigans as you spend your day. You can also tell some interesting and funny stories with your friends.

Prank your friends to see the reaction or you all can sit together and react to a movie or funny video. If you guys are intellectual types, then you can also arrange a quiz between your friends. 

Record Q&A questions for YouTube

The Internet is filled with questions that people ask on a daily basis and that need to be answered. If you are skilled enough to answer these questions, then you should make these videos to help others.

This will make your videos or vlogs popular among other people and create a wider audience for you. You can go on the internet and find out what are the most asked questions and then make a list. 

Collaborate with Other YouTubers

The best way to get more audience to your channel is by collaborating with other YouTubers. If you are making vlogs with a YouTuber who has a good number of subscribers, then they will also watch the video which is present on your channel. This will ultimately increase the traffic and you will be able to gain more subscribers if the audience liked your video.

Trending Videos

You can see the videos or vlogs which are trending and are on the top. By going through these videos, you can get an idea of what is popular among people. We are not saying that you should copy these videos because the content should be as original as it gets.

You can get inspired by some ideas while viewing these trendy videos. If nothing, you can record vlogs which are a bit similar to the trending videos. 


If you are a gaming enthusiast, then you are in luck because a huge number of YouTubers are increasing their fan following by making gaming videos. These videos can be you just giving your review on the games which are new or old.

You can also stream your gaming sessions as you play them. All you need for this is a good gaming setup like a gaming desktop or a console, then just get a microphone with a camera to start vlogging

Some Useful Tips for YouTube Vlogging

If you are new to vlogging and are thinking of starting your own vlogs, then you will be needing some tips to help you get where you want to go. Below mentioned are some really useful tips which can come in handy.

Be Unique

The most important thing to keep in mind is to always be original. Even when you are making a vlog which is similar to someone else’s, your original tone and energy should never be compromised. If you are just copying or following someone else, why would someone watch your vlogs when they can already see the same content elsewhere? 

Determine a Niche

When you are beginning it is pretty obvious that you will be experimenting with everything because it takes time when you want to develop your own niche. But sooner or later you will get there. The sooner you set a niche for yourself the better it will be.

Define what type of content you will be creating so the audience can know what they are getting while subscribing to your channel. 

Watch Others

You should always keep an eye out for what is happening in the vlogging world. It is always good to know what your competition is up to so you can one-up them. You can also learn plenty of things from these content creators who are making content for several years.  

Editing Matters

No one likes a video which is just a collection of raw footage. Editing your videos is quite important and editing can make or break the overall feel of your vlog. Editing a video is something which is as creative, or some might say a more creative task, than shooting a vlog.

There are a number of editing software and apps which you can store on your computer or phone to enhance the beauty and look of your vlogs. 

Get a Good Equipment

Go to the market and buy the best equipment you can find because it will affect the quality of your vlogs. But having said that, it does not mean that you spend a fortune on buying just the camera and other equipment. Be smart about what you need and choose accordingly.

There is no need to buy really expensive cameras, just buy the one which can give you decent performance. In addition to the camera, you should also get an external microphone because the clearer audio is the more indulging it will make your vlogs for the audience.

Focus on the Quality

The quality of your content should never be compromised at any cost. If you are not looking after the quality of your content, then you will start to lose your precious audience. This means always reading the feedback of your audience and making sure you are delivering what they want.

Bottom Line

Well, there you have it, this was the article, and we hope it covered everything you needed to know. These were some of the YouTube vlog ideas you can go for if you are a new vlogger. But you can also go with your guts, which means always do what you feel like doing and don’t just follow others. Have confidence in yourself and make vlogs with consistency. 

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